Adv. Zaki Kamal




Organization of international academic conference to be held June 7-9, 2022: Social Justice in Multicultural Settings. 


Organized Interfaith Conference on the topic:  “Fasting in the Mirror of Religions” with the participation of Dr. Iyad Zahalka  (Director of the Sharia Courts, Director of the Sharia Court of Appeals), Mr. Jamil Zoihad Khatib (Druze Heritage Supervisor at the Ministry of Education, Father D Rabbi Fawzi Khuri (head of the Christian community in the village of Majar), journalist and author Rojea Tavor


Sponsored several conferences: Teaching Hebrew as a Second Language (2021), Learning Disabilities in the Arabic Language (2021), Moving to Hybrid Learning (2021), Inclusive Education (2021) and more.


Established External Affairs and Resource Development Unit at the College


Conducted work visits with leading Israeli and international public figures:

Dr. Abd Alsalam Almajali- Former Jordanian Prime Minister (2016)

Shimon Peres -Former President of Israel (2012)

Reuven Rivlin- Former President of Israe l(2016)

Benny Begin- Former Minister without Portfolio in Israeli government (2016)

Dr. Avichai Mandelbit – Attorney General of Israel (2016)

Party leaders from across the political spectrum (2016-2020)

Yousef Shapira- Former State Comptroller (2019)

Moshe Kahlon- Former Finance  Minister (2018)

Emi Palmor- Former Director General of the Ministry of Justice (2014)

Prof. Aharon Barak (2006)


Initiated annual international scientific conferences with the participation of Nobel Laureates in Science from Israel and around the world: Prof. Ada Yonat (2009), Prof. Dan Shechtman (2011), Prof. Aharon Ciechanover (2018) and others.  


Established School of Practical Engineering at the Arab Academic College


Elected an academic council that includes former Supreme Court president, Prof. Aharon Barak,  Prof. Avi Hofstien, Prof. Ahmad Eid, Head of Transplantation Unit, Dept. of Surgery, Hadassah- Hebrew University Medical Center.and others


Special seminar on Arabic calligraphy to present special books and writings brought from Turkey and other countries.  


Integration of leading Arab, female academics in the college’s academic and management positions: Election of Prof. Randa Khair Abbas as head of the college, and appointment of female lecturers and researchers as heads of departments at the college


Promoted academic and cultural relations: cooperating with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, hosting professional and academic delegations from Jordan (2017), Saudi Arabia (2019), Morocco (2018), Kuwait and Iraq (2019).


Signed academic cooperation contracts 

with universities in Germany, the U.S.A, Greece and Croatia (2014), and 

The National College for Medical Studies in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine (2018) 


Activities to encourage bilingual literary work (Arabic and Hebrew) and a special evening on the occasion of the publication of the book “على صراط الوهم – in the way of illusion” by the poet and journalist Muhammad Bakriya, translated into Hebrew by Dr. Nabil Tenos (2018)


Established Innovation Center at the Arab Academic College


Established cultural seminars with the participation of writers from around the country such as: Amos Oz, Meir Shalev, Eli Amir, A.B. Yehushua, David Grossman (2015), Dorit Rabinyan, Ronny Someck, Smadar Shir, Samih Ganadri, Dr. Reiad Kabha, Dr. Johnny Mansour, journalist and author, Nazeer Mjali.

2014- 2017

Purchase, construction and dedication of new College building and its inauguration as the new academic campus


Organized the international conference “Women’s Empowerment” with the participation of intellectuals, journalists and lecturers from Israel and abroad


Conference on Combating Violence with the participation of: Maj. Gen. Jamal Khachrush (Head of the Arab Society Police Department), Prof. Muhammad Issawi (Head of Al-Qasemi College), Dr. Maha Karkabi Sabah (Tel Aviv University), Adv. Anan Jenam (Advocacy from Criminal-Criminal Prosecution Service), Adv. Wiam Kablawi (Northern District Criminal Prosecutor’s Office), journalist Vida Mashur (publisher of the newspaper Al-Sonara


Conference entitled “Interfaith Understanding”: with the participation of the Honorable Bishop Geore Bekauni (Head of the Cat holic Community in Israel), Sheikh Mawafek Tarif (the spiritual leader of the Druze community in Israel), Dr. Mahmoud  Alhabash (Head of the Judiciary in the Palestinian Authority), Sheikh Muhammad Kiwan (Imam from the village of Majd Al-Krum), Sheikh Dr. Omar Kial (Director of Imams at the Ministry of the Interior) Rabbi Prof. Sinai Deutsch, Prof. Bernard Pinchuk, Rabbi David Abu Hatzira (Rabbi of Haifa), Sheikh ‘Falah Oudeh (Deputy Head of the Ahmadi Community in Israel), Dr. Akram Hasson, former MK Taleb Alsane


Commentator in the “Middle East” magazine on the Israeli radio of the Broadcasting Authority under the guidance of journalist and commentator Yoni Ben Menachem, and the participation of other commentators such as Danny Yatom, Avod Barak, Adv. Yaron Festinger and others


Established the Arab Institute for Acting and the Theatre Department at the Arab Academic College


Established the Center for Literature and Dialogue at the Arab Academic College


Promoting interfaith understanding: Conference on coexistence and interfaith understanding with the participation of senior Jewish, Christian, Muslim and Druze clerics, Religious and academic conference attended by: Sharia judge Dr. Iyad Zahalka, Rabbi Ron Kronish, Sharia judge Mr. Muhammad Zabda


Established the Department of External Studies and Professional Development at the Arab Academic College


Established the Research Authority at the Arab Academic College


Sponsored, on behalf of the College, books and research on coexistence; Similarities between the Hebrew and Arabic languages ​​through the book: Studies in the Hebrew Language for Generations and the Arabic Component of Modern Hebrew and Literature by Prof. Yitzhak Avishur


Obtained a permanent permit for postgraduate studies in Science, Languages, Education and M-Teach at the Arab Academic College


Established the Center for Multiculturalism at the College


Initiated a scientific conference marking the 100th year since the birth of Albert Einstein.


Elected a board of trustees that brings together leading Jewish and Arab academics


Obtained a permanent permit from the Council of Higher Education to teach undergraduate programs in all core subjects

Interviewee for legal affairs, academics and policy- Makan, Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation (

Interviewee for legal affairs, academics and policy- Makan, Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation (

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