Adv. Zaki Kamal

Articles and Interpretations about Israeli and International Social and Political Issues

  1. From 2017 to 2021: 192 regular, featured articles in Al Sonara, the main Arabic language newspaper in Israel, to raise awareness about Israel, and about social issues, including tolerance, government, family and social violence and education

Such As:

Kamal, Z. (2017, December 15). The recommendations bill is unconstitutional and the High Court of Justice will repeal it since it is a personal law made to serve Benjamin Netanyahu’s interests. Al Sonara, p. 2. [Arabic]

Kamal, Z. (2018, May 04). Criticism and Freedom of speech are sacred and basic rights for everyone, provided that it does not become freedom of incitement and personal defamation. Al Sonara, p. 2. [Arabic]

Kamal, Z. (2018, November 30). Relations between Israel, Arab and African countries began on a secret security level. These relations are a result of undermining the Arab and Islamic collective labor mechanism, and retreating the Palestinian cause to the bottom priority scale. Al Sonara, p. 2. [Arabic]

Kamal, Z. (2019, February 08). Israel is on the verge of losing true democracy as increasing numbers of parties are sanctifying and worshiping one leader for the country. The Arab parties are urgently needed to change trend and not just change candidates. Al Sonara, p. 2. [Arabic]

*Kamal, Z. (2019, April 05). Social media has greatly contributed to the flattening of the political debate and the spread of initiatives to boycott elections. This is extremely dangerous due to the fact that the national interest of Arab citizens requires a very high percentage of votes. Al Sonara, p. 2. [Arabic]

*Kamal, Z. (2019, July 05). We face a new global state of economic and technological colonialism and the next wars will be cyber wars. Al Sonara, p. 2. [Arabic]

*Kamal, Z. (2019, October 18). Israeli democracy is in retreat and risk of collapse hovers over it; the third elections is the last chance to save it. Al Sonara, p. 2. [Arabic]

*Kamal, Z. (2019, November 29). In Israel, there is a conflict between the authorities of the law and the desire for a single government. Al Sonara, p. 2. [Arabic]

*Kamal, Z. (2020, April 10). The coronavirus pandemic has proved the failure of the capitalist regimes in the world and their inability to guarantee their citizens health and well-being. Al Sonara, p. 2. [Arabic]

*Kamal, Z. (2020, October 16). Giving legitimacy to violations of the law on political, ideological and religious pretexts poses a great danger to the rule of law in Israel. Al Sonara, p. 2. [Arabic]


From January 2021 to present: 32 regular, featured articles in Panorama newspaper, Panet website (Israel) and Addustour newspaper (Jordan) important publications in Arabic with millions of readers in Israel and the Arab world.  The articles aim to raise the awareness about Israel and social issues including tolerance, government, family and social violence and education.

Such as:

(1). *Kamal, Z. (2021, January 08). Between vaccinations and restricting civil liberties. Panorama Newspaper, p.2. [Arabic]

(2). *Kamal, Z. (2021, February 19). When the dead vote. Panorama Newspaper, p, p.2. [Arabic]

(3). *Kamal, Z. (2021, March 12). The dilemma of choosing between the important and the most important. Panorama Newspaper, p.2. [Arabic]

(4). *Kamal, Z. (2021, May 07). Humans before parliament. Panorama Newspaper, p.2. [Arabic]

(5). *Kamal, Z. (2021, July 9 ). A call to politicians, be without parties, not without conscience. Panorama Newspaper, , p.2. [Arabic]

(6). *Kamal, Z. (2021, Febreuary 26). He who is compassionate to the cruel will become cruel  to the compassionate. Panorama Newspaper. p.2. [Arabic]

(7). *Kamal, Z. (2021, April 16). Turn Ramadan into a permanent, universal value system . Panorama Newspaper. p2. [Arabic]

(8). *Kamal, Z. (2021, August 6). The politicization of religion and the religiosity of politics: two sides of the same coin. Panorama Newspaper. p2. [Arabic]

(9). *Kamal, z. (2021 August 20). Third world and democracy: Abnormal relationship. Panorama Newspaper. p2. [Arabic]

(10). *Kamal, z. (2021 September 10). “Freedom” that relies on occupation and violence  stemming from neglect. Panorama Newspaper. p2. [Arabic]

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