Adv. Zaki Kamal

Legal precedents

The firm has represented clients in many legal proceedings in which over 1680 judgments and precedents setting cases, such as:

Criminal appeal 369/78 – Abu Mdighem & al. v. the State of Israel: At these two cases, the Supreme Court set major precedents regarding the admissibility of confessions obtained by violent and illegal means.

Criminal appeal 1741/99 – Yosef v. the State of Israel: The Supreme Court set at this case a precedent by which the Basic Law: Human Dignity and Liberty requires an added weight to the accused’s rights in the framework of the balance of the various interests during a criminal process.

Supreme Court file 656/80 – Abu Rumi v. the Minister of Health: The Supreme Court set at this case a precedent by which a fair hearing of a person who might be harmed by the decision of an administrative authority is part of the natural justice rules and includes rendering a suitable opportunity to respond to the obtained information.  

Supreme Court file 8813/02 – Festinger v. Dr. Shlomo Cohen, Chairman of the Israel Bar Association: The Supreme Court determined that the principle of minority indiscrimination obliges the Israel Bar Association to enable the opposition parties to participate in the decision making process.

Civil Appeal file 2825/97 – Abu Zeid & al. v. Makel: At this case, the Supreme Court set precedents regarding violation and cancellation of contracts.

Civil Appeal file 8385/09 – Sajur Local Council. V. Sonol Israel Ltd.: The Supreme Court verdict at this case deals in central issues regarding debts assignments

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