Adv. Zaki Kamal

Adv. Zaki Kamal’s contribution to the college, to the Arab community and the Israeli society is evident in various fields – it is evident in instilling values, in teaching, in administration and organization, in bringing about systematic and academic change regarding student inclusion and in the field of culture and intellectual literature.

For more than four decades, and especially since 1996 when he served as co-founder and chair of the board of trustees and the board of directors of the Arab Academic College of Education – Haifa, adv. Zaki Kamal led transitioning the academic college of education from a teacher seminar into an academic college. Along with leading academics in the Arab community, he managed to promote a process of academization of the institution vis-à-vis the Council for Higher Education. Thanks to him, the year 1996 was a turning point is it was the year in which the institution was recognized as an academic college. 

In 2006, adv. Zaki Kamal was elected as chair of the board of trustees and the board of directors. Ever since, he works consistently and tirelessly to strengthen the status of academia and the education system as well as to enhance their accessibility in the Arab community in particular and in Israel in general.

Adv. Zaki Kamal fulfills his duties faithfully, with dedication and with a strong desire to promote the Israeli society in general and the Arab community in particular. He performs these duties without pay or compensation of any kind. He merely believes in giving without rewards. 

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